Girls, what kind of problems do you have sometimes when dating guys in terms of how he treats you? I want to know so I will not have those problems?


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  • Okay so I'm about to talk about past relationships individually so please don't judge.
    Guy #1: Bluntly cheated, didn't care to hide it.
    Guy #2: Was babied, didn't care about how he treated others because his dad had money and could fix anything for him, picked his nose in public, wiped it on me, no hygiene, etc.
    Guy #3: Cheated but hid it well and I found out from the other girls.
    Guy #4: I married him, was abusive, manipulative, lazy (took all my paychecks), and a cheater.
    Guy #5: Saved me from Guy #4 but used his dad's money to hide me, ended up putting me in really really bad situations that ate away all my paychecks to dig myself out of, and was slowly wrecking and destroying everything I had left after Guy #4 turned my life upside down. I bought a car after my ex stole and destroyed my last one from the engine out, he wrecked it and it didn't matter, etc.
    Guy #6: Adored me, but was very selfish in it, told me I was worthless but he wanted to marry me.
    That's it so summary would be, don't cheat, don't be abusive, don't lie, remember to care for yourself, don't tell your date they are worthless and deserve nothing, and whatever you do, DO NOT sacrifice your independence and career goals for anyone, even if you came from money. Everyone likes a stable date, not someone who solely depends on someone else.

  • Well for one he does seem to have the time for me. At least text me you won't be able to text in 12 hours! I highly doubt you couldn't text me but okay.


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