When your Tinder date keeps texting, what's his deal?

Been texting this guy for a little more than a week. We were supposed to finally hang out last weekend, but he had to cancel because he had some family meeting. Anyway, usually if a first date doesn't happen, I just move on to the next guy or whatever. We're in college. I usually hear from other guys that if a guy cancels its because he's not that interested. A few days after he had cancelled, he keeps texting me daily. Is he just stringing me along, or what? I hate wasting my time, especially on texting, if I know if the guy isn't that interested.


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  • Have you considered that maybe he really did need to cancel and didn't want to?

    Even if he didn't, my theory is that when most - or at least many - people meet someone new, particularly if there seems to be good chemistry up front and both seem really interested, they spin up a little fantasy that the person is 100% available and totally into them. Like love at first sight, right out of a rom-com. The truth is that before the first date, everyone's keeping their eyes open and it almost never goes according to plan.

    My point is that even if he canceled for some other reason - maybe a girl he had been talking to for a few weeks longer became free - it doesn't mean he's not interested in you. Just that reality may not fit with the fantasy. Just my theory.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't respond and waste your time any longer. He's had his chance


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