I can't stop thinking about how my ex damaged my heart, soul and future.. why can't I stop thinking of the situation?

I was with him for 7months. And at this point there was little things I would find that made me think.
-A ball of hair in the trash. (Said they were his moms)
-My things would be moved that I left there the next time I would come over.
-2wine cups in the sink
-tampons (he said they were old)
lastly he is so secretive with his phone.

After we 8months of dating we found out we were expecting. Dispit the issues I was so happy! Then he started acting strange and staying out all day and at night he would be on the phone. A little cold. Sad to say I guess the baby turned him off or made him feel like he had me in the bag so he didn't have to put in effort. I was so sensitive. So I told him to get out there is not point in being around each other if ur acting like I don't exist. Nor were we having sex for weeks. He went on a trip to Miami with his boys.

After that hat I wanted to work it out. Hell, I was pregnant. So when he came back I was ok but I still felt suspicion. I went through his phone while he was sleeping. OMG WHAT I DOUND CRUSHED ME. he was talking to so many women. The text between him and his boys were about fucking girls. They even got a hotel for two girls to have sex. He even had se. With a girl when he took the Miami trip. He had pics with her on the bed kissing. Man I was heart broken. Depressed and so so sad. I then lost the baby. I still after three years in a new relationship haven't stopped thinking of it. Because of my ex I have bad trust issues with my current guy. N man God blessed me with my new guy. He is just loyal faithful and my best friend.


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  • You can't stop thinking of the experience because it was traumatic and it hurt you badly. Make sure you learn the lessons of your past because you'd have to pretty stupid to keep repeating them in the future.

    • For sure man thanks. So you think I'll ever stop thinking of this traumatic incident?
      I figured reaching out to him and expressing how he hurt me but he didn't seem resentful. He just asked to meet up. But I no he wanted to meet for sex. It seems like sex is his motive for everything he does. Why are some men like that's?

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    • * appriciated

    • No problem. I am happy to help.

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