Dating vs In a relationship?

What is the difference between those two for you?

If someone told you they're dating someone, but not in a relationship do you interpret that as single, taken, or something else?
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  • Dating means you're seeing each other, but you're not totally serious enough to label it. My boyfriend and I dated for two months before getting together and honestly? I wish dating was more of a normal thing, most people go straight for the relationship.

    • Most people go straight for the relationship are coming from the place of controlling, not letting people to have time to develop feelings. Love is supposed to be coming and letting go. I had a bad case, the girl wanted me to be her boyfriend on the 2nd date, i was like wtf... it told me a lot of her personality.

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    • Okay so do I turn down her date then? I feel like this is something she should have mentioned prior to asking me out, and more importantly I am wondering if I am some kind of rebound to her

    • Yeah I would turn her down and if she asks for an explanation then be honest.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's called o''pen relationships'' nowadays, im one of the guys who will keep dating until i find someone who's genuinely connect with my personalities. Do you know why problems often exist? Because most of the time people rush into an exclusive monogamous dating relationship/marriage without REALLY getting to spend time knowing somebody.


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  • I've always had an old fashioned sense of these terms. To me, "dating" is just going on dates and hanging out with a few different people to kind of play the field (not having sex, not deceiving any one person into thinking we're a thing) while being "in a relationship" means that I'm more or less committed to one person without interest in pursing something with a different person, it's a courtship.


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