What do you girls think bout an Indian guys?

Ok so I am 19 year old and from india. Soon I am to move to boston for educational purpose
and if possible would try to settle there. I was wondring that what to you girls think of indian guys?
both as a person as well as sexually?
Do you find them like perverts or interesting?
ALso how would you think American girls would treate me if I end up settleing there?
As you see I could not keep any Indian girls friend in contact like forever. I would have to find some American girl out there. How do you think will any girl in USA see an engineer from India comeing there to stay?


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  • Is that you in your profile pic? If so, you have amazing bone structure and will do just fine with the ladies (if you know how to speak to them).


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  • I'm an Indian girl. I like indian guys. Of course they are interesting.

  • Listen if your a good guy some girl in Boston is bound to like you just go for it


What Guys Said 1

  • they smell like curry lol


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