How many of you girls have never been on a date?

I keep hearing about how a lot of girls in their 20's haven't even been on a date yet. This shocks me as a guy. A date, to me, is one on one time with the person. Talking, laughing, sharing jokes/experiences. This could be at the park, bowling, ice skating, lunch, dinner... I dont understand how some girls in their 20's have never been on a date before... Have any of you?


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  • I honestly haven't gone on a date where I go out for dinner. Or any romantic kind of shit you see in movies... Best date I've had was watching several episodes of game of thrones at his house. 😂I have been asked by random strangers if I'd like to go to dinner with them sometime or grab a coffee (obviously I never ended up meeting them in the end). My partners have never really bothered about planning any dates per se. Only a few times have one of my partners asked if I wanted to go to a lounge and shisha & chill with them, which is what I love to do. But park? No... Bowling? No... ICE SKATING 😍? In my dreams... 😔 Idl, asking someone on a date around my age isn't really a thing or a part of dating that much anymore. Its all netflix & chill nowadays. 😒

    • You can't really complain , its the best thing ever you watch a movie/show then fuck.

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  • well, i am not over 20, but i haven't been on a date before

  • I've never been on a date before.


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