Guys, could you ever fall for a girl after only knowing her for a weekend, what if she slept with you right away?

As asked above. I am going to write more details below but feel free to answer w/o reading the rest... unless you know, you really wanna help.

I meet this guy through mutual friends, my parents friends son (I know, confusing), He was asked to give me advice and possibly show me around his city since I was going to be there alone for the weekend. He ended up taking me out both of the nights I was there and took me to hang out with him and his friends, where they were all super nice and paid for my drinks. Anyways the first night we ended up leaving his friends and going to his favorite bar and then he took me too this club where he could get us up into the VIP section, even though he later told me he doesn't actually like going to clubs anymore. Throughout the night we kept getting closer, his friends were all very drunk and trying to talk him up which was very funny, anyways long story short we ended back at his place and we had some fun. The next day we ended up staying in bed together until midday when I finally was like okay we need to get up! Then the next day he texted me to invite me and one of my friends who had just joined me out again and he paid for us the whole night again. The same thing happend where we ended up going back to his house and then the last day he invited to his favorite coffee shop before I left. The second night he was always holding my hand/ hand his arm around me. Kissing me on the forehead, cheek, sometimes a quick peck. Personally I felt the way he was acting was more like the honeymoon stage of a relationship then like a hook up. Normally I'm not into PDA but honestly I felt so comfortable with him and I was so happy that I didn't even care.

I know that we will probably never be together, we sort of live in different countries. In Europe so its not to far apart but I also partly in the US so the likeyhood of anything real is like non existent. Still he told me he was going to try to visit me and invited me back to stay with him.


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  • Sounds like he's taking it seriously, like there could be the potential of him having a girlfriend...


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