Every time I try to talk about how I feel he replies that he's stressed and frustrated. I'm contemplating cutting him off and ignoring him, should I?

He can't seem to let me go himself... but it doesn't seem like he wants me either. We haven't seen each other in a while. I used to suggest meeting up but I stopped because he always gets into how busy and stressed he is. So whenever that happens I stop contacting him but then he'll start contacting me and he'll send me a nice message saying that he doesn't mean anything mean by his messages, but he's just really busy and stressed at the moment. He's told me before that he's really attracted to me and he's never felt an attraction so strong with anyone before. He's tried to have sex with me many times but I always refuse because we are not in a relationship.

Recently I found out he's been going on dates with other girls and making time for them, so I just realized that he just specifically doesn't want to see me. So I told him how I felt, that I miss him and after all this time I still have feelings for him, and again he got all angry telling me he's busy and all. I replied that his response gives me insight to how he really feels and I just won't bring this up anymore.

What I really meant (and what I purposely left out) is that I'm done and I don't wish to speak to him anymore. Am I being harsh though? I don't feel like speaking to him anymore and I feel like the right thing to do right now for my sanity so that I can move on is to just avoid him. He'll probably send me a text later in the week to tell me he cares or some BS of that sort, but I really feel like there is nothing I can do at this point but try to move on.

Am I right, am I wrong? I dont' know and I need some guidance :(


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  • You're not wrong! Why should you wait for a guy that doesn't make time for you but instead sends you excuses and sugar coated words? It's his actions that matter the most, but all I'm getting from this is that he just texts you his excuses and doesn't make the effort to show you he likes you. He's playing you, girl. Move on, there's better guys out there.

    I know how you feel. My best friend just finished with her ex. They've been together for five years. It seems like they didn't want to let each other go not for the reason that they still like each other but because they've been together for so long, they were like best friends. But she got tired of always looking after him. He doesn't make an effort to try to treat her right. He just moved to Texas (thank god) but he keeps calling her, saying things like "I can't picture living in a house without you", "I can't let you be with anyone else." and "I want there to always be an us". (Yeah cause he probably wants her to take care of him). But before she told me of how he would always be controlling of her, and she doesn't roll like that.

    But now it's been getting much better. She's moved on and found a guy who treats her right. He makes time and effort to get to know her.

    And I'm happy for her.

    Moral of the story: YOU DON'T NEED HIM.


    XxGood LuckXx

    • You're right and thanks

    • Np. I like sites like these. Even though we don't know each other, but I'm glad I can help you

    • I know it's true.. everyone on here is usually more helpful than my friends.

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