Was I being awkward for my first kiss?

When I had my first kiss I walked this nice girl home and when we got to her building she stopped, turned to me and went for a hug that turned into kiss and I was all shivering like CRAZY but it was way more simpler than I thought it would be all this time.
Between little breaks while we were kissing I told her something like this: I m sorry, I m not so good at this. We still continued to kiss. After some time when we stopped we hugged and she told me: See it wasn't that complicated. I felt so releaved when she said and I sow her smile that I thought I got passing grade.
I was wondering was it awkward that I said that while we were kissing because I was kinda talking to her lips? While I said that one sentence I was breathing to her lips am I supposed to do that while kissing with girl? I m sorry for taking your time but I'm newbie and I feel a bit insecure about my first time.


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  • Well, yes you were awkward, but don't worry. Women don't think bad about that stuff. You probably melted her heart and she thought you where totally adorable. Don't sweat it.


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