Interesting girl from fast food place but not sure where to try and take things?

i've seen this girl at a fast food place that is near my work a few times in last couple months. i sort of got the feeling she might be interested in me based on her body language and such when i was around. but i haven't really taken things further yet or got to know her at work. although i'm not there that long at lunch so it might not be best place. however its where i have orignially meet her so it might be only option for now. don't really know much about her other than she's be in her early 20's and local , she pretty good looking for her age as well , i'd be interested in getting to know her better but only seeing her for 10 minutes at lunch now and then isn't working


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  • Just approach her and tell her she's been catching your attention for long, that she seems cool and ask if she ever wants to grab a coffee with you.


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