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Me and this guy had plans for tonight. Two days ago we were texting and I knew he was out to dinner with his parents at the time so I said "Pay attention to your hot date (;" and he was like "I'm out with my parents" with a wink face of some sort and then I said back "Likely story! jk!!" and after that he just simply read it and didn't respond, I sent another text telling him to have fun and to hmu when he got home so we could talk, he read it and never responded. We haven't talked since and we were supposed to hangout tonight, did I somehow offend him? We just started to get to know each other and I do like him from what I know about him so far I just don't know if I should bother asking if we're still hanging out because I was the last one to text him and he clearly didn't want to talk. I assume he would have talked to me by now, just worried I messed things up because I suck at "dating" and "talking to people" LOL.


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  • If I was about to have a first date with a girl, and she did that to me. I would see it as a red flag that she's overly controlling, a jealous individual, and insecure. Though, that may not be true. You haven't given him enough time to see the real you, and what you've shown him so far is what he thinking is the real you.

    There's still a good chance this could all work out. You'll just need to explain to him that you were joking, and what you said didn't have any true meaning. From there, I would tone it down completely on any accusatory remarks while dating someone. This even applies to joking as every joke has a little bit of truth behind it.

  • It sounds like a misunderstanding, but if he is that unwilling to listen tbh, he's not worthwhile.


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