Did my boyfriend dump me or is it just a break?

Okay so I went home this past weekend to work and see my family. My boyfriend stayed back where we go to school. The morning I left he texted me he loved me and to have a safe trip and to let him know when I got there. Friday was find and we were good. Saturday comes and he starts acting funny. He starts getting short with me and barley talks to me. Then on Sunday he said meet at his moms and so he sat me down and said he can't do this right now and said he needs to focus on school and stuff. This has happened before. But we talked through it and came to a solution. This time he wouldn't let me talk or have any say in this. I couldn't stop crying and then he said to just give him time and then saying he needs to think. He's been stressed these past two weeks and I've been helping him and he has been so thankful for me. It's weird cause he told me he loved me Twice on Saturday and then told me he couldn't do this anymore on Sunday. I don't know what's going on:( after the incident he hugged me and kissed me on the forehead and said everything is okay and that I'll be okay and that he still cares about me and that he'll see me soon. Do you think there is still a chance of getting back together? Does he still love me?


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  • It's hard to tell with these situations. But I agree with him in the sense that education should come first. Whether or not your presence is s significant distraction is up to him. I suggest keeping an eye on him. However, assuming he's being truthful, you should be proud that he's taking his future so seriously.

    • This happened last semester and he said the same thing but this time was different. He didn't let me talk or let me have a say in it. It sounded impulsive and robotic. I just don't think he was thinking straight.

    • I don't know your boyfriend or his situation, but it's possible he's being (or at least, being feeling) pressured into his decision. I think he may still share feelings for you, but ultimately he's made his choice. People our age are still going through a metamorphosis to become our true selves. Use this opportunity to grow as a person (as it seems he is trying too as well), and, in the future, if you two ever get back together, your relationship will be stronger than it ever was before.

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  • I'm sure he loves you , trust me I've been there with so much stress in college applications I just don't wanna be around my boyfriend or anyone bc I'm so stressed out lol but I think there's a good chance you guys will get back together. Just text him every now and then to tell him you hope he's okay and that you love him very much

    • Well today was the first day after the whole incident. We haven't said anything to each other but we've watched each others snapchat stories. Should I wait till Thursday to talk to him?

    • I think so. He needs at least a little time.

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  • My gut tells me he is interested in someone else, or wants the freedom to date someone else. He is acting this way because he doesn't want to hurt you or feel guilty. If he wants time, then I say to give it to him.


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