Would you ever date someone with mildly clubbed fingers? Should I keep dating some who has it?

He's really attractive to me. We get along well so far but his fingers are slightly clubbed. It isn't that bad cause it took me a while to notice. But now that I know.. it's hard to not notice it. It throws me off a bit. I don't want to be shallow cause he's a sweet guy and could be someone really special but I don't want to force myself if it bothers me a bit. I feel so bad. Has or is anyone dating someone with this condition? How did you feel about it and What should I do?


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  • That doesn't sound so bad. You didn't mention that he is over weight of fat. It could be a condition that causes his fingers / hands to swell up. Some meds can also have this as a side effect. It may sound odd but you could ease it into a conversation by asking if he hurt his hand. When he asks you why you ask just say it looks swollen , if you don't see that as to forward. Either way I hope this one flaw doesn't turn into a deal breaker


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