So I meet this girl during the summer than I just sort of lost touch with her?

i meet her at a bar we both went to often , however it was in a town i didn't live near and only went to cause of the bar and concerts they had there during summer . she actually like lived in that town near the bar. so i haven't been there since the end of summer and that was last time i talked to her in person. but i did add her on twitter near the end of summer and still have her profile. she doesn't appear to be seeing anyone and based on her posts seems rather upset and annoyed with things. i'm not sure if that has anything to do with me or just her general life at the moment , her job and living situation don't seem to be ideal. i feel bad cause i like could of pretty much had her as she was on the rebound when i meet her and been pretty easy to date at time.

now i don't know what to do? i rarely see her posts when she makes them so i'd have to go to profile and comment on something to get her attention. i also doubt there'd be anywhere that i would see her in person randomly due to fact we live in different towns but she's not that far away i couldn't drive out there and see her


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