Did I ruin my chances with this guy?

I met this guy from my school that I'm dating two months ago. He asked me out on a date a week after we met. We hung out outside of school the second week we met. He seemed very interested in me. After our date outside of school, we didn't hang out since our first date because I have been busy and I didn't text him that much but we still saw each other at school. We only talk during class, we talk for five minutes on our way out to class and then we do our own thing. We used to hang out after class and now all of the sudden, he doesn't want to hang out with me anymore. Is it my fault that he suddenly doesn't want to hang out as much as we used to? What did I do wrong?


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  • Was it only first date? It seems like maybe he's busy dating other girls. You should try reach out to him if you're genuinely interested to hang out with him.


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