I feel depressed whenever I see girls?

I feel like, outside of my family, almost all women hate me, like, deeply. They're disgusted by me, my appearance, my existence, at least that's how I feel. Girls hate being around me, in my presence, speaking to me, seeing me, they just want me dead, and I don't know why. Only one girl is willing to talk to me and at least tolerates my existence, and I partially think it's mostly pity. The girl I'm into will only say hi to me at best, but usually ignores me, though, it's all good, I don't talk to her anymore, in fact, I just plain don't talk to anyone anymore. There are only even three girls I talk to now, I guess four. One I matched with on Tinder, one I somehow just got to know randomly, and I thought she was into me, but, she barely replies. And the other one I met at a party, I don't know whether or not she has a boyfriend, but, she's always the one to end our conversations. So, basically, no girl wants to speak to me, ever. It got so bad that, the other day, I started to lose it and nearly cried in the street because I was surrounded by people and thought they were disgusted by me and wanted me dead, so I hated all of them.


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  • Oh god! Girls/women don't hate you! I mean I'm a girl and I'm talking to you right now! Be confident! I, for one, am really shy around people but it gets better if you tell yourself that you are as good as them. I have never had a boyfriend before so I'm not good with the ol' dating opinions but please just believe in yourself! Smile more often, look happy because if you are depressed all the time, it probably shows on your face and maybe puts off a few girls. Any ways, have the best day and don't forget to smile :)


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  • The plus side to your problem, is that there is a solution to it. Feeling better? No? Ok! Well, see that feeling you're having, others have felt hated, shunned, & saddened by girls "SEEMINGLY" not wanting them to.

    the feeling eventually goes away, or you can make it go away. You're a bright kid, I've seen u argue on here with others plenty to figure lol. So there's no way you haven't analyzed what it is you lol and what needs to be fix with yourself.

    Confidence is a huge source to mental/emotional strength. Not acting confident, but being confident. This usually comes, when one is "feeling him or herself".
    Hair is +20
    Skin is +20
    Style/outfit+ 20

    All things that can be achieved and help you to the road of your confidence yo. Then you will naturally feel comfortable in the uncomfortable. You can do this MR. EMPTY.

    -Shia L


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