Is it to much to ask?

Is it to much to ask to find a christian girl to date thats loyal to god?


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  • Since you're in college you can get involved in Chrisian organizations and start meeting people. Not for the sole reason of meeting a partner but that would be a plus in your case. I've been involved with a Christian organization on my campus for 4 years and I have met the most amazing people that are great friends.

    • Yeah that sounds awesome i dont know if we have organizations but we have a prayer room.

    • You just have to look around. There has to be at least one. You can also get involved with a youth ministry at a local church.

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  • I don't care about these religious things. It's just the matter of same kind of people who have similar beliefs, goals, values attracted to each other.


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  • Are you in college? If so then maybe if you went to a Christian school you'd have more luck. I know some so it's not impossible. Good luck finding your half orange :)

    • Thank you and yes im in college

    • It's hard I know. I'm a Christian and finding someone who shares the same ideals as me is difficult. Hang in there :)

    • Yeah its pretty frustrating. The world is to corrupt now and they pretty much just fall into satans lap.

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