Should I stop seeing him if he doesn't want more than just friends?

I (25) met this great guy (26) in a dance class 6 months ago, the first 3 months we were just friends getting to know each other and hanging out in the same group. he would always take me home after class and I really started to like him, i felt we got along really well, we would talk all day long and saw each other 2-3 times a week for the class. One day he finally kissed me and it felt amazing!! I thought it was the beggining of something, however, it remained the same, we would just kiss in his car after the class and that's all, he hasn't asked me out or made any sort of plans. I really like this guy but I feel he doesn't feel the same way. I want something more than just a kiss in a car once a week. I don't know if I'm rushing things... should I tell him I want something more? stop kissing him?

opinions appreciated!!


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  • ''Hey, I would appreciate if take me out for dinner, i would love you to do so cause i wanna spend more time getting to know you, right ;)''

    Tell him this, sometimes guys are clueless in this.


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