Why can't I get my ex back?

How can i get her to want me back? And ask me herself she broke up with me for being too clingy and i have matured and given her a lot more space she has been in control of when we hang out and talk and she has been getting me to do things with her a lot lately and i really hope she isn't using me i just want her to say she is ready or something how can i find out if she is ready?


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  • The best way to know if she's ready is to straight up ask her. Don't beat around the bush or cut corners, just ask her how she feels.


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  • Well, the fact that she has contacted you back right?
    She: ''matt... i need your help to fix my fan..''
    You: ''no samantha, it's great to hear from u. im not a BIG FAN, when you're free to meet up for a drink?''

    Wait for her response. If she's not interested at you romantically. She will keep quiet. Plus, u will not be taken advantage anymore.

    • Thanks for all your advice i really appreciate it and what do i do after i ask her what if she is seeing someone that would crush me i asked her about a week ago if she was and she said no but it was kinda an awkward silence after I don't know what to think or do but i will get up the courage to just straight out ask her

    • it isn't necessary to ask whether she is seeing someone or not. Always look at her actions, if she agrees on date. Great, if not, move on. From experiences, even a girl who has had a boyfriend, is still possible to be asked out, letting the guy to be ''backup'' because her current boyfriend is acting complacent in the relationship, therefore it's unnecessary to ask whether she is in relationship or not.

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  • Just ask her, that's all you can really do.


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