Does this Japanese Guy Like Me?

So this guy I'm friends with lives in Japan. He's really nice and all, but I'm curious as to whether or not he likes me.

I have a boyfriend right now, so I don't like him anymore than friends right now, but I just want to know if he is interested in me. He likes to talk to me through kik, and I was talking about Japanese music and how it's all being blocked on youtube at the moment. He offered to send me a CD of Asian Kungfu Generation, but I declined because I told him I could get one off of amazon and wouldn't want to inconvience him.

He also wants to meet sometime in the furutre. He even talked about some of the places he would like to take me when I visit. And sometimes he even tries to talk to me in a deeper sense of things? Like, tries to really connect with me with the limited English he knows. I hope that makes sense.

He doesn't directly flirt with me, which is something I'm happy for since, like I said, I'm dating someone and all. I just know that Japanese people are kind of different than American's in the dating sense.

I just want to know whether this him just being kind or he's hinting.

((PS. When he was trying to get to know me more, I told him more about my relationship and how my boyfriend and I will be breaking up soon and I was kind of upset about it. Do you think this affected his interactions with me in the slightest?))



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  • He very well could


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