He's to hot for me tho?

So there's this super hot super popular guy who I had english-classes with.. I always catch him staring and when I look at him he won't stop looking.. We always have eyecontact when talking and he's always a bit too interested in my life and my business.. and he remembers those small details I just happened to mention while talking to him. But the problem is that he's too hot for me.. he can literally get whoever he wants. He got an award for the hottest guy in school lol. But I'm a bit nerdy and very very very invisible. So this is basically why I think he's not interested but I have got some signs that he is as well.. some thoughts?


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  • You'd be surprised by how many "good looking" people battle with insecurity. Don't cut yourself out just because you're insecure. If he's flagging you in go for it! Just curious, but why don't you think you deserve him? Give yourself some credit, maybe he sees things in you he likes and it's not always just about the face and body.

    • Thank you.. im usually not insecure but when it comes to him im to afraid to even dream about us together.. I can't even imagine us, or daydream about a kiss or whatever.. Its silly really

    • Maybe he feels the same way 😉

  • No guy will ever be to hot for you. You have to stop thinking so high of him. he is just a regular dude. I think if you like him and he is signal he like you then go talk to him. get a feel for the connection and yeah.


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