This guy that I'm sort of dating said he likes older women?

But I'm younger, why would he tell me this? Should I feel like he may not be that into me? I then told him ehat is he doing with me then? He then said in a different story, totally different realm

Let's just say we're friends with benefits. I've known him for 13 years and he's asked me to be his girl but when I say yes, the next day he says "I wish u were my girl"... It's weird he's weird lol
I'm a different story not in*


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  • maybe just trying to let you know he likes you by dating outside of his norm


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  • He may like the idea of dating an older woman, but he has chosen to date you, because regardless of your age, he is attracted (and clearly enjoys) the other qualities of your personality.


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  • He might be trying to make you jealous to make you a little competitive or spike your interest in him; I know I do that to my guy.

  • Or, he finds you mature. ❤️

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