Why can I not try even though I like her?

Im in high school, I started to get interested in this girl for about 2 weeks, we talked casually as a friend, then I might have tried to hard, I'm not sure. Somehow, her friends found out and told her I like her (I don't know how). She ignored me for a few months, I gave up for a while, then our friend tried to help me so she told me to try to talk to her, but then she said she didn't like me as a friend, she pretty much hated me.
Several months later, she starts giving me signs such as liking my social media stuff and her friends started talking to me and sending pics of her.
I never fully gave up, always had a bit of feelings and I still like her I guess, but now I can't try. Everytime we walk by, i would think about saying hi but then I end up walking away. I once she sat beside me on a table doing schoolwork but we ignored each other, never looked at each other, even though I think it wouldn't hurt if I just said hi, then a minute later I just left.
Why can't I try?


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  • Because approaching women and trying to court them is HIGHLY unnatural.


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