What should I do?

I starting talking to this guy a month ago and he’s ignoring me! He basically pursued me, he would text me everyday if I called him he would answer on the first ring. We would hang out I would sleep over his place he was clingy loving cuddling and would hold me while we were sleeping. when I wasn’t there he would text saying “why are you not here on side of me”. At first I didn’t really take him serious but then I started to really like him, I started to give him what he was giving me in return. So about the last week into this month intuition kick in telling me something was right that he was starting to act funny with me. He wasn’t calling or texting as much so I asked him about it he said it was my imagination I said “ok”. We talked a couple times after that making plans to meet up. When the date and time came he would flake but I didn’t say anything about it until he started randomly out of the blue ignoring me. I sent a video expressing how I felt about what he was doing, texted and called a few times got nothing. What should I do?


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  • Let it go. If he was serious he would make the effort


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