Guys/ girls if you have someone loves you, you are lucky! everyday I cray before I go to bed. I can't handle this pain and this affect my life! Help?


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  • What's going on? How can I help?

    • Why no one likes me? Why I can't have a boyfriend like other girls!

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    • The only thing that I dont like is fat guys ( sorry I can't help it) and all guys that ask me for a date are this type other than that I am not picky at all. My last relationship last for one yeat and my x always said he is busy and don't want to go anywhere but home and have sex then I figure out he didn't love me and just wanted to take advantage of me then I left him and after I left he didn't say anything so I was sure he didn't love me at all

    • Also I am shy when people look at me I get nervous because I am shy😓

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