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I've been dating a really great, introverted guy for over a couple months now. We are intimate, we've had "the talk" already (he initiated), and because of the talk we are taking things slower. We also have a semi long distance relationship. He's not ready for a committed relationship with me yet, but he said he sees a future with me, and that I'm not a fling. He was also cheated on in his last relationship, so he's working on things.

We see each other once a week, sometimes once every two weeks.

Every time I thank him for coming over and tell him he's welcome over any time, he says things like, "You say that, but eventually you'll get annoyed with me." or something like, "once you get to know the real me..." Even though I say it's not going to happen, he still says it. A "see it to believe it" kind of thing, I guess.

Sounds like he wants to spend more time with me, but he's afraid that I'll get bored with him and move on, right?

Also sounds like someone who wants a relationship with me, right?


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  • He definitely sounds like he wants a relationship you, but because of his past, he's a bit hard on himself. I'd say keep on going and giving him the confidence that you want to stick with him as well. Sooner or later, he'll gain the confidence and eventually stop saying those things. I'm glad he's really honest with you, that's probably why he's so hard on himself, cause he despises his past so much that he says those things.

    • Thanks for this! I'll keep this in mind. :)

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  • He has a low opinion of himself, he's very insecure and he probably likes you a lot.


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  • He sounds like insecure due to his past experience, sorry for that. But are you comfortable with somebody with that constant mindset. That's more important rather than asking for someone who wants a relationship with you?

    • We are both a little insecure, as we have both been cheated on in our previous relationships, so we are both basically WIPs. I think with time we can work through our insecurities. Plus, I think if we spend more time together, he'll realize that I'm not out to hurt him or play games with him.

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