Did I ruin my chances with this girl?

She hits me up out of the random after a couple months. She starts asking how I'm doing I respond. We talk a little bit through text. She wanted to hang out this weekend. Tell her I'm busy this weekend and also next weekend. I had planned to give her a call to meet up that following weekend but I guess I didn't say it. I sent her a snapchat picture of the oil blot sheets that you rub on your face to get the oil off. Saw it at the store.

I said "Didn't you used to use 20+ of these a day in hs?" I just remember she always had them on her and we laughed about it back in the day one time. I didn't get a response lol. I don't know if I offended her and I came across like a dick. It was honestly a way for me to tell her she was on my mind. I suck at being nice.

Me and this girl were also talking about moving out together at one point and I told her I get dirty vibes from her when she said I don't know how we would do as roomates lmao.
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  • I don't think you did anything wrong! She said LMAO! so it sound good! U should really ask her.


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  • Hm hard to tell man, might have offended her. Try to meet up with her and just mention it in conversation that you were just trying to show you were thinking of her. I think she would react well to that

    We all gon make it!


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  • Ha-ha bro you are over thinking it
    She will reply

    • Lol she didn't reply all day so.. I'm guessing she won't I'll just hit her up in a couple weeks.

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    • Doesn't matter if you sound desperate cause what ever you do works
      She is interested or likes you
      My advice to you is text her first once in a while so she knows you like her no one likes being the one to text first all the time

    • Yeah I'll go ahead and do that. When I sent that text she didn't respond to that either. Kind of put me off.

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