What do I do? Confused need suggestions? Please?

Hi, new here and need some solid advice or thoughts. I've know a guy for a while.. Years. We have hooked up, had sex, hung out, acted like a couple basically everything. Tried dating... Bad timing. Anyway I saw him recently and we kinda hooked up like old times but after he never texted me... Do I have a place to say anything and if so what? I don't want a friends with benefits or hookup , I want him as a boyfriend. I care about him. I know my actions say different but deep in my heart it's how I truly feel. What can I say or do...


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  • Tell him exactly how you feel about him and what you want. If he isn't interested walk away. Don't fall for this "I'm not ready" shit. Tell him when he is ready to give you a call IF you're still single. Don't wait around


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