Best way to attract an older woman?

I have a serious obsession to finally hook up with a milf. I see them at my gym all the time. I'm told I can pass for mid 20s sometimes. What's the best way to get a milf @ the gym. My friend was telling me about a couger app. There are bars that they post and all the cougers go and buy drinks for the younger guys lol. Win win. They only come around once in a while locally though.


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  • Attract older woman by being sexy... robbert pattinsom done it


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  • So, you're looking for a sugar mama, be honest.

    • Just for hook ups. I'd want to fck her on my A game. She's probably used to guys who can't even keep it up.

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    • Yeah, what I was thinking.

    • @cravingathreesome made a great point. Experience is highly important, and not just in the bedroom, either...

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