Am I over doing it with text?

We are going to grab coffee soon. After going back on forth on me saying that the date is my treat and her saying absolutly not! here is what we have been saying

Her: Absolutly not!!!
Me: It's not going to matter how many exclimation marks you youse, when we get thgether that afternoon is on me and you're just going to have to deal with it ;)

Her: (My name)!!! This decision is not final.

There was a bunch of other things we talked about in those texts, but i did not feel like they were significant. She has been incredibly responsive, and fun over text. I am only trying to tease her while also being a gentlemen. Am I over doing it? Should I lay off for a bit? I do not want to come off too strong, as it is only our first date.


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  • Nope you're doing just fine :) You're not overdoing it. As long as she is acting positively then you are good.


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  • You guys text just like me and my female friend here at college. Is that a good sign?

    You should keep being you.


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  • No because she seems just as happy and excited.


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