How do I become nice and have girls that are friends?

This is just how I was brought up. I've always been an asshole and I've treated women like meat. My girlfriend finally up and left almost a year ago and I've been in a deep depression since. I think I'm an average looking guy but me being an asshole has always pushed people away. I don't know whats wrong with me. I'd like to be well rounded and be a nice guy that people like to be around. At the same time I have doubts that I can change because I'm 22 years old.. I'd like tohave girls that are just friends so they can make me a little more sensitive but I don't even know how to act anymore.

Been really working on myself lately and figuring things out. Figuring myself out. I'm back in college and I'm doing well. I'm just really damn lonely and have almost no friends.


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  • So now seems like the best time to work on yourself.
    After that find a girl that YOU would like to become friends with and just be nice to her or at least try to... give it your honest best effort!
    I also think it would be best to be upfront that you are looking for a friendship not a relationship. Good idea to make things clear, right off the rip.

  • Try to be more nicer to females

    • Lol well I could of thought of that one. Easier said than done.

    • Smile and laugh

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