The talk before FWB/NSA?

So I have read a lot that in friends with benefits and or NSA that there is clarrification before the sex, or before jumping into the FWB/NSA arrangements that there is a talk or rather clarification that the arrangement will not lead into anything more..
It seems to be true but im a little curious, if you dont talk about it before or get that clarification and you hook up with someone then what is it? If you're friends with someone but neither parties talked about not wanting more then what is it? Just a hook up? A one night thing?
Would it still be considered a FWB/NSA if there hasn't been a clear drawn line nor discussion of "this will lead to nothing more/ there are no emotions involved?"
is it fair game to actually seeing where things go? Im a little confused and I dont really have experience with this type of thing.
The talk before FWB/NSA?
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