Girls, would you refuse to have sex with a virgin in his late 20s?

Would you refuse to have sex with a guy who's a virgin in his late 20s? Or consider a serious relationship with him for that matter?
The only reason he didn't have sex with the few girls actually willing to get physical with him is they did things deeply crazy that he didn't like and he didn't want to keep seeing them. Such as get people fired maliciously or another suddenly asked him to be a go-between with the police about a hard drug related charge/report on her. He's kinda quiet and the idea of prostitutes and paying directly for the intercourse is gross to him. It would be a miracle if one of the few times he went to a bar or something a random girl actually went and picked up on him.

He's over like 6'3" and is fairly in shape, 32 waist in average pants if that means anything. Average looks. Or gets a lot of random looks from women. Can do pull ups weighing 215 lbs. A soft rock climber/surfer body. He doesn't have Instagram for posting a pic.

I'm actually kind of terrified of the answer. But is it hopeless and he should keep it a secret til he gets lucky? Or be honest if asked seriously and be prepared to be crushed over and over again, as seems usual?
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  • I asked myself the same question! Most guys don't want do anything with an inexperience girl! So if i like you and hit it off I would totally be okay with it. Your not a bad apple you just haven't meet someone who is okay with your lack of experince and there are plently good looking women looking for you. Just be you and do what you look and I am sure you will attract her. And she won't care if your a virgin or not.


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