How to stop him to contact me?

I had a hard times with my boyfriend, we barely sow each other. So i felt lonely and had my self esteem low.
So i decided totry online dating. Then one man wrote me, and we decided to go on date. Really i was looking only 4 one night stand. And he told me, that he had a daughter (wich i dont accept) and never married her mother, also he was a bit strange.
So we spent night together, and next day he had to go for work to another country.
I thought he will stop write, but he wrote me he liked me and want to see me again.
He wrote me for 1 month, while he was in another country.
I thought maybe i ll give him a chance, but recently i just understood, that i dont like him enough to date him...
He soon will be back and want to meet again. How to avoid it?


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  • I think the main question's still back to the communication's part with your current boyfriend. Think about it. I've no respect for a woman who does this behind my back.

    • U dint know the readons why i did it. So dont judge and u ll not judged

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  • You decline the offer, and continue not to respond to contact, it's pretty simple.

    • It. Willf be a little rude

    • That is just something some people have to deal with, but you need to be clear.

  • Be honest with him, and don't lead him on I know it maybe nerve racking to do so but season your words with salt (meaning watch out for what you say be kind) be honest he deserves the truth as you deserve what you feel is best for you.


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