Would you date him if?

first time you made eye contact he fell head over heels for you. and ever. since has been trying to win you over.
he is shorter than you
2 years younger
not as handsome as you are pretty
but is really nice and caring
about same intelligence level
so far you have enjoyed all your canversations with him

so if he asked you out would you accept it just to see? my friends are telling not to date him because i 'could do better' but i feel its stuck up to act like that. especially because he was chasing me non stop for 4 months even though i ignored him compleatly the whole time. until about two weeks ago he and i were forced to work together on a project and i noticed he's not a bad guy. i actually enjoyed his company.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Another typical nice guy who kept chasing a woman behind her tail. If he knows how to attract a girl, i guess you will end up falling in love with him faster than 4 months.

    • yeah but im also just naturally closed off to people. untill i really sit and talk to them. so now I've spent everyday for a week with him i feel warmer to him now.

Most Helpful Girl

  • While there does have to be some physical attraction, basing on looks and height is very shallow. It's all about how the person treats you and if your enjoy your time with them. I'd say if you're even slightly interested, then give him a shot! What's it gonna hurt?

    • actually there is a quite a bit of physical attraction. like there have been momnets when we worked together the the chemisrty was so thick i thought we would. almost kiss right there in the library

    • The what are you waiting for girl! If those "friends" of yours were truly your friends, they will support your decision 100%

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  • He would be 16 then, lol.

    I don't think I will date anyone younger than me.

    If I really like him, then I probably would.

    • yeah haha but im 23 and he's 21.. but i feel like i might treat him like a little brother just by defult. he is the same age as my cousin and i treat him like a baby like always teasing. and bickering. so i feel like if im dating someone HIS age its like they will probabaly meet eachother and my cousin will be like 'why you treat him different haha'

    • Lol, yeah. That's what I fear too but I think 2 years difference isn't much for 22+

    • yeah i feel as you get older age difference is less important.

  • If I caught feeling for him than yes but if he not my type I would toss him over.

    • he is actually kinda my type. acts manly and dresses is casual well fitted earth tone clothes. like me haha. i feel like i can share clothes with him.

    • Then yes date him! Who cares what everyone thinks.

  • No because he'd be illegal.


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