What do you do when you feel you're the other woman to his mother?

My boyfriend and me have been together three years. His mother in the beginning was jealous I took her son's attention and would make snide remarks. We had our falling out because I don't take well to disrespect. We've become closer to this day as her son and me have two children together, but she's still two faced towards me and thinks I don't know what she says behind my back. She acts more like his woman than his mother and he's a mama's boy who'd marry his mother if he could and doesn't respect me as the woman in his life or sets boundaries with his mom. I know it's common for a parent to send quick texts here and there, but why do I feel uncomfortable that she sends him texts everyday along the lines of "Just thinking of you handsome bear.", or sayings you'd think an intimate partner such as myself would say. It's a constant power struggle it seems as if she thinks only she can take care of her son. She is also responsible for his narcissistic personality and distorted views of and about women. It feels as if she's still trying so hard to make up for not being the mother she could've been when she chose her abusive husband over her children.


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  • i understand that a man will always have a special place in his life/heart for his mom and she's very important to him but that whole "momma's boy" thing can be a real struggle (i can tell cause there's a few women i know that have a HARD TIME with their mom in laws).

    in clear your mom in law sees you as "not good enough" for her "precious" son. even after giving her grand kids.
    you still gotta prove yourself and "show" her you're good enough for him
    don't try and interfere with their mom-son relationship BUT you should still set limits to make her understand that you, your SO and your kids are a different household and she should not try and invade your family.. and when it comes to her talking behind your back.. you'll have to confront her about it and show her that you won't accept her sh*t anymore.!


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