Is my girlfriend lying to me?

She said she's 20 and a virgin but she likes a lot of sex stuff on social media. Just now she liked a post on ig that read "lifes too short for a bad relationship go out and find someone who sex you right, and treats you right".

Could she be lying?


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  • Hmmm, if thats the only thing thats given you an inkling she might be lying then I don't think so.
    When I was a virgin I would like sex stuff, doesn't mean you have to have experienced it... Just means its funny or what you'd like.
    Just because we're virgins doesn't mean we don't still think about sex all the time ! Experienced it or not we all know what it is and the context.

    Based on what you've said I wouldn't say thats sufficient evidence enough to believe she's lying.


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  • Bitches are lyin too much these days, gotta put em in their place


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  • Nah virgins talk about sex too

  • Only one way to find out.


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