She told me she has to tell me "something important"?

So I've know this girl for about an year and a half and we started dating about 3 months ago. Everything is going great, and we planned another special date a couple weeks out. I was texting her yesterday and she texted asking to see me before the day of our date cause she wants to "tell me something important". I know no one can know what she wants to tell me, but can some of you girls tell me if you've ever said this to your boyfriend and what was it you needed to talk about? For you guys, has your girlfriend ever told you this, and what was it they told you? I know lots of guys freak out when girls say this or "'we need to talk" cause they assume the girl will break up with them, and I hate to admit, I'm kinda assuming the same thing.


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  • There could be multiple things that she wants to talk about.
    Good examples:
    *Wanting to take things to the next level.
    *Telling you exactly how she feels about you.
    Bad examples:
    *Wants to break up.
    *Is pregnant.

    • Well, she's religious and does not intend to have sex until after marriage, so we're good there. She MIGHT want to break up, but she's asked and we've planned for more dates in the future (we've planned more AFTER she texted me that), so I don't think that's likely, so I guess it could be the good examples, which I'm cool with :)

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  • last time i heard this, it was from a catfish.


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  • i hate that feeling too, but it could be that she wants to say she loves u, or she wants to go to the next level, or something about her work job or school, or her family, just be cool you'll be fine


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