If you meet a girl and text her later that night so that she'll have your number, and she doesn't respond?

Does that mean that she is not interested? And should I try to call a couple days later, or just forget about it?


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  • It means she doesn't have a reason to respond. It doesn't directly mean she is not interested.

    I would recommend not texting her again unless there is a reason behind the text beyond starting an attraction. For instance: She stated she likes tech nine..

    Send her a message saying:

    "Jessica, I just heard about a new concert in portland tomarrow night- tech nine is playing and I'm headed up there. Hope to see you there~ Josh"

    - This shows her that you are interested that she will be there, but that you are remembering information and are sincere.

    Honest and Modest is the way to go- with this type of woman.

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  • There could be a number of reasons whether she wasn't interested, didn't have her phone w her, or didn't get the message. I'd w8 a few days and try again if she doesn't reply then she probAbly wasn't interested but that means it wasn't meant to be. Good Luck!

  • I think you can call a couple of days later to ask her out, but if you leave a message asking her out and she doesn't get back to you, time to move on.

  • It depends. Does she know it's you? If someone texts me that I don't know, most of the time I won't respond. She almost may be busy or asleep, so I would wait a day or so. If she doesn't text you back, then I would move on.

    • Good advice. +1

    • I just met her, and I sent her a message with my name so she would have my number.

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  • You could make her interested by calling her. If you invite her to meet you without showing obvious signs of interests, you can actually get her to meet you.

    But then again, unless you're really into this girl - it's a waste of time. You should regardless ALWAYS make contact and meet other girls, that unless you're in a closed relationship.