Girls, do girls hate Indian guys?

I'm 18, and feel that I get friendzoned due to race. (My uni is asian/latino/white/african American, and the only Indian girls are grad students who speak Hindi. Since I do not speak it, I do not fit in with them). I am 5 foot 9, and 160 lbs (weighed more, but lost some weight). My non Indian friends have had more sex (especially my Italian roommate). I met a white gamer girl, but she went out with an Asian guy (I do not know how long they have been dating, as I met her recently). I am a virgin, and never had a girlfriend nor kissed a girl. I do not drink, and I do tease/flirt (sometimes to the point the girl gets pissed).

Many girls appreciate my personality and confidence. I have made many female friends here, and they hug me, and laugh at my jokes.

But, how do i get a girlfriend?

How to kiss her?

and How to bed her?


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  • Onl the creepy ones on this site


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