I found out that my boyfriend strangled his ex?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 months. I went out this past weekend and he told me that he wanted to break up with me because I went out and wouldn't come home at 11. The next day I found out that he may have strangled his ex girlfriend. I don't know if this is true. I went to lunch with him today and he wants to be with me still. When I asked him about what happen he said that he didn't strangle her and she lied about the whole thing. He said that the judge even threw out the court case because she lied. I want to believe him but he has been kind of sketchy about some things. He also has combat ptsd so maybe I'm just not being sensitive enough? Should I stay with him?
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He is a really nice guy but he seriously is very controlling and will ask me questions like if he killed some one would I help him with the body?" He really seem just like a normal guy but then this wei D stuff happens I'm just really confused
Update to this situation; I did find it in the newspaper and it happened 2 years ago and it says nothing about the results of the case.
He also wants me to come over after work.


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  • Try to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    But if he ever tries to lay a hand on you, then leave him right then and there.


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  • the results of this are very interesting. it seems men think it's no big deal to abuse their girlfriends.

    • I think it may be because of what he may have said about it not being true though.

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    • Yeah I know that lol... I should also add anyone who's been strangled shows signs of pressure around the neck, if she went to police and hospital they can find out really easily if there are marks around her neck.

    • @zorro8888 it depends how hard they strangle them. you can do it hard enough to block airflow without it being so hard that it leaves marks


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  • No, you should not stay with a man who has tried to kill his ex. -_- This is a major red flag. Walk away from him now.

  • Regardless of the strangling thing, he sounds controlling if he breaks up with you over you going out and not coming back when he wants you to. Not something I would want to deal with.


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