Haven't heard from him in a week, does that mean he's not interested?

I've been dating a guy for a while now he is VERY laid back (shy sometimes) and the last time I spoke to him was a week ago and that last time when we messaged everything was fine he made conversation etc. He said to me we should meet up next week the last time I went on a date with him but since I messaged him last I haven't heard from him. Is he my interested anymore? If so shall I just ignore him and assume he's not bothered or message him one text just to ask what's going on and whether he's bothered about meeting again?


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  • I am very laid back, but even I have to draw the line at how long is too long. Whether it's serious or hopeful to go that way, I now only give people 7 days. Still better than the wait 2-3 days thing, and gives them a little time to be lazy. Granted this is influenced both by my age and a hope who took nearly a month to respond.


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  • Cut him loose. If you are important to someone, they will make you a priority. They will tell you "hey just saying hi real quick but i have to go b/c I'm super busy". If they do not do at least that much, they are not worth your time.

    • yeah i suppose your right, i just want a answer from him i guess so i know lol

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    • So from your experience you reckon it's better to just ignore completely? Or if I do message him shall just be straight to the point and if I get no where then leave it for good?

    • I'd just unfriend (or whatever) and block him so he can't come back in like a month and use you as plan b.

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  • I would assume he is! I mean he could have said I am to busy but no one is that busy that they can't text or take a phone call.

    • yeah I guess not, thanks anyway, think i just want some closure thats all lol

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    • Thanks for your advice :), just seen on fb that he's away working (he travels a lot in his job) so that's probably why he's not got back, not a good enough excuse by any means but maybe why he's even less talkative, I guess it's up to me whether I reply I suppose. thanks again

    • and maybe you should ask him when you see him in person.

  • Didn't completely understand what you wrote. BUT if he ignored your last text. DON'T text again. he saw your message, you put effort in texting to him. the ball is in his court.
    If you guys just haven't spoken since your last convo (meaning he didn't ignore). Then I would just send ONE text saying hey whats up. Don't ask about where he's been or why he hasn't texted etc. Just a casual hey, and see what happens.
    This happened to me once. he would text me everyday then one day he told me he had loads of work. so i backed off. and then almost 2 weeks later he reappeared. So he may be genuinely busy or something. but ya i guess no matter how busy he still could have texted. If you guys have close friends in common try checking with them. I got info from friends on what my guy was up to hahah

    • ha sorry i was typing fast! he didn't ignore my last message in the last convo its was just normal, like usual talking about things we did that weekend, the conversation just ended cause there was nothing to reply to after that. if i say hey whats up and he talks like normal do you think i should bring up whether he's interested anymore in terms of seeing me again? or just see what he says? nah we don't have mutual friends thats the thing so its not like i can't ask anybody lol

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