Girls, Your Help Wanted. Girls?

Right now my texting skills aren't great. Girls either leave the conversation or block me. *wow i can do that without saying a bad word*

How would you want your fantasy guy to text?
Step by step, please
Thanks a lot, You're so kind


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  • Just start a conversation.
    My guy isn't great at texting back. But generally just text her and avoid all one worded answers cause she won't reply to those.


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  • Just try carrying on a conversation. Find similar interests to talk about. Avoid one word answers if you can help it because there isn't much to go on from those.

    Good luck :)

    • great but how do i do seduction Over text?

    • Don't do that right away. Be friends, then if you feel like she may be interested then add in some subtle flirting and go from there.

  • Hey! Whats up?

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