Creeped out by him?

There´s this guy. We met at the university a while ago. Once a teacher told me he had asked about me and what i was like a lot. Then eventually he asked me out and we started going out, its been like 6 dates which have been great, like perfect.
Then last Friday an ex of him (shes and acuiaintence of mine) called me to tell me to be careful, that he does coke, or used to (not sure) that he´s lost it, that he talks alone and that he, once hit her.
I was, to say the least shocked, cause he doesn't seem like that.
Then today, a teacher we have in common told me that, after our first date and a dance at school, that he -in the middle of the class- said kinda to himself something like "yeah i danced with her, im going out with -(my name)- like implying we were dating and then said something like "yeah nobody thought i could go out with her but yes". And I've heard some people say he keeps saying that we´re going out to everybody.
And now im thinking about this one time he told me he first noticed me about a year ago.

about him doing drugs, i wanna talk to him about that, as he keeps saying he was different in his past, cause that would be a deal breaker.
and i dont know how to feel about the rest, I dont know if its romantic or creppy, Im freaked out. Should i just stop seeing him? or what do you think?


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  • Talk to him first, get the facts from the source as best you can. But really it comes down to YOUR comfort level. If you just don't feel comfortable, then end it.

    • okay i will first listen to what he has to say.
      and what do you think about him saying those things or talking to himself like that? that kinda scared me

    • It's hard to judge. maybe he was actually talking to a buddy, maybe the ex is envious they broke up and wants to make him miserable by telling lies. maybe he did do drugs way back when but has changed and is doing better in life. Maybe he's using "going out" as in Dating. which is true. 6 dates is Dating. And other people use "going out with" as meaning in a relationship. See how many scenerios we can create? What I would do is go somewhere somewhat public, but with enough privacy to talk. Like a park, near a playground while kids are playing, so you feel safe. And just have an honest conversation with him Be honest and say, people are saying different things and you want to get the facts straight. Relationships are as much about communication as about anything else. Might as well lay a strong foundation and try to communicate openly.

    • Wow your opinion really helps me. Yes lots of things are possible, i will have an open conversation with him, thanks a lot, you have no idea how much you helped me

  • Maybe have a conversation with him?


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