Guys would you unfollow a girl on instagram if you found her attractive BUT you had a girlfriend?

Also would you not reply to many of her text messages?


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  • well, what's the relationship? Just friends? If my girlfriend felt threatened I would. If we were close friends before my current girlfriend and I started dating then no I wouldn't. If this instagram girl was hitting on me a lot, and I'm in a relationship then yes. I guess it depends.

    • What counts as hitting on a lot?
      The relationship is that this guy and girl just met and the guy followed the girl on instagram and then randonou unfollowed her

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    • And I don't know if he just got with the girl or if they were together when me and him met.

    • Oh, so you're the girl who got unfollowed? lol. I'd say don't read into it to much. Maybe his girlfriend is a little insecure made him unfollow you. Who knows. I'd just move on if it's not that big of a deal. With how little info you have to go on, the "what if" game will drive you madd

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  • Yes, because I'm not about to mess with some girl just because she's hot while I'm in a relationship. If she tried messing with me, it just shows where her morals are at, so why would I even be remotely interested in her?

    • What's considered messing with

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    • What if it was strictly as friends?

    • If it was FRIENDLY and you had ZERO intention of doing anything that isn't PLATONIC, chances are he won't talk to you so not to upset his girlfriend.

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