Guys, what's going on with my little boo?

Ok so me & this guy are in the "talking stage" we've been talking for about 4 months! We used to text all day everyday, FaceTime & talk on the phone! His phone got turned off & he couldn't pay the bill bc he quit his job, so he went a while without contacting me so I called his family members (which was so stalkerish & wrong I know) but I called them to see where he was lol bad move! I was just used to him calling me from their phones while his was off but he stopped! So I got his phone cut back on for him & he was so thankful! So he admitted why he was acting distant like that & acting distant via text & everything & he said it's because he was scared of me bc I seemed stalkerish which he had a right to be scared lol bc if he did that to me I'd be scared! So anyway, we talked about it & I told him I totally understand! So he said he avoided me on purpose during a time bc he was scared & thought about cutting me off lol & he said he realized that I'm just such a cool person & he couldn't do that! So it's not like he's not contacting me at all, he still sends me good morning texts BUT we don't talk like we used to! For example, this morning he's texted "wake up sleepy head" & I saw it & turned over & went back to sleep lol & then he called & I couldn't really hear him but I think he said "why u didn't text back" so we hung up cuz I couldn't hear him lol & he texted that he would call me in a while (that was HOURS ago, like 9 this morning) & then we exchanged just like four texts & he read my last text & didn't reply (he's been doing that lately, just reading & suddenly not replying) & I haven't heard anything else from him today! That's how it's been the last couple of days, he will send a few texts & might call & we talk for a little while & that's it! He did FaceTime me like Thursday Friday & Sunday but I missed them all lol ugh! We went from being very close & talking allll day long to this! I don't know if he's busy or what but what do y'all think? It's stressful


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  • He is pulling away a little because he is scared. That was very nice that you payed for his phone. I hope he appreciates it. He does seem distant. Maybe he is busy or scared to fully commit and keep spoiling you with all the face time and texting.


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  • He just doesn't seem into you. You shouldn't have paid his phone, it's emasculating for a man.

    • Well he didn't mind me paying it & said he'd pay me back & I was like "I wanna talk to u & text u on your cell phone & he was like "give me some money to pay it then" & I just paid it for him! & ugh I would hate for that to be true that he's not into me bc that must've just happened yesterday bc the day before that he seemed into me !

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