Should I be offended that I'm not invited to my boyfriend's family birthday?

So my boyfriend has his cousins birthday this weekend. And I've met all his family (even been to a birthday there before). And so he was invited to go today but didn't ask me to come with him. I even asked him questions about the party and he still didn't ask me to come. Does he not want me there? I really want to go but he isn't inviting me to come. What do I do?


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  • Maybe he thinks you'll be bored. Ask him why he didn't ask you. Be direct, don't speculate.

    • I don't wanna seem psycho asking him though. Isn't it annoying that I expect to be invited though?

    • If you've been invited to a prior family get together, I wouldn't consider it psycho to politely ask he doesn't want you to come. I've told some past girlfriends that I didn't want them to come to a family get together only because there are some family members that just bring out the worst in me and I personally didn't want to have to deal with it in front of them.

    • But I should ask him afterwards right? I don't want a pity invite. And how do I politely bring it up aha?

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  • It could just be that he wasn't sure if you would want to go or not.

    • But I asked him questions about it and said it sounded fun. Then I said I wasn't sure if I wanted to go to watch a soccer game this weekend because he wasn't going.

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    • But this is a family party? It's not like he's gonna get one-on-one time. Should I bring it up after the party and ask why I wasn't invited?

    • Party or not. He's still surrounded by his family and therefore is spending time with them, plus his cousin's friends. You can ask him.

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