Do you find using dating apps like Tinder to be awkward?

It just doesn't seem to natural to me


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  • Try Badoo, @ninja998 You can find many a girl in your own neck of the woods and I believe there is an APP you can press anytime you want to go on your Amazing profile, that I am sure you will make Sure is just right for whom you are searching for behind that door.
    Good luck. xx

    • If you are Not used to the online hing, it can feel 'Awkward' for sure. It just takes getting used to and if it does work once, you may find it is what you want to use all of the time. Some are better than others here, dear, so look for the most reputable one. xxoo

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  • It's hard, because there is nothing to talk about and you really don't know the person, can't get a vibe.

    You just have to fake the first few exchanges, then it becomes easier.

    There's nothing natural about it. It sucks, but it works.

    • Yea Im used to vibing with a girl and if I can't really get through messages and when girls just start asking questions like an interview it annoys me.

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  • Dating is tough. Girls have it way easier then guys. Guys are always judged by looks and things that we say and do.

    • So are women, I would almost say women have it much harder if they aren't that pretty. Both sexes like a good looking person but I think guys are more focused on looks vs girls if you had to pick. Girls like confidence/a leader but looks always are what initially attract

    • If a guy is short and not cute he would have it harder. True both sexes everything is about looks. I think more stuff comes into play like the type of area you live in to. Some areas don't have a good female to male ratio.

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