Amazing first date but less texts afterwards?

I had an amazing date with a guy on a Friday night (met up for dinner, we were both so immensed in the conversation that we didn't realize all the people at the restaurant already left and the place was about to close). He then suggested to go grab coffee so we did, again stayed until the place kicked us out. He then suggested to walk around but the weather got too cold so we parted. That night he texted me asking if I got home safe and that it was really great to meet up. I replied saying the same.

Fast forward til Monday no texts from him whatsoever, so I texted him and he responded within an hour. Apparently he had several outings with his friends (he has a very active social life with his friends based on our conversation on Friday). Exchanged a few more texts with him and then haven't heard from him for 24 hours... is it wrong to expect him to reply within a reasonable amount of time? Or did I get this totally wrong and he's not interested? I am so clueless because he seemed extremely interested during the date... should I just move on?
forgot to mention that our date on Friday lasted about four hours


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  • Some people worry that if they show too much interest too soon, they will appear to be needy or clingy. That may be all that is happening here. Maybe you should try talking on the phone instead of texting; real conversations promote relationships much quicker than texting.


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  • I think he's still interested. It's been only a day, you should stop freaking out! Relax.


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  • Maybe he's genuinely busy. OR maybe he doesn't see you as much as interest as before the first date going. It's possible you have to move on. The most i suggest is you try to ask him out TWICE (2) if no good response then move on.


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