How do I get a guy at the gym to ask me out?

How do I get a guy at the gym to ask me out? We Have chatted and exchanged names, Ill ask for his advice on proper form and routines, and he said anytime I need his help to ask. Today he smiled and said hi first and asked if I was doing good, I am assuming he meant workout wise. He went to school for nutritional science. Anywho I am not good at signs and signals and I refuse to be the one to make the first move been there done that and never works out when the woman does it.


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  • If you don't ask him you'll probably be waiting a very long time. We can't read signals so you're wasting your time if that's your plan

    • Well, It always seems to back fire on me! So I am cautious. I found him on fb and have not friend requested him, a friend of mine said I shouldn't and if he wants to he will find me and request me, what are your thoughts on that?

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    • You're asking the wrong guys. We're all rejected way more than we're accepted

    • okay... :/

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  • Well how do you know he is single first off? Make sure that he is, you have to engage in more conversation even ask what he does after the gym and what he does on the weekends to initiate.

    • His fb status says single and no pics of any woman on his page with him, and he's in the gym every day until real late. usually guys like that have their girls with him some of the days.

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  • ask him if he has a girlfriend... wait... or a boyfriend (forgot where i'm posting)

  • Well at the moment u r just being friendly. If u start to flirt more he might start thinking of u in that way and ask u out.

    • I am not sure how I start flirting with him... I did think about complimenting him on his nice butt from squats lol.

    • Yeah thats good. Maybe ask him how your butt looks or legs. It kinda seems natural bc u r in a gym but also seems a bit flirty too. U can also sexual innuendos. Maybe stretch in front of him. Just stuff like that which is flirty but subtle at the same time.

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